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Last Updated on June 17, 2021 by Ross Yamashita

We get asked can you make money on TikTok quite frequently. TikTok is a short-form video application and has been quickly increasing in popularity. Moreover, it’s still relatively underutilized by many industries. Therefore, this is a great time to start creating content and profiting. Here are seven ways you can start cashing in now. Also, get more TikTok business and marketing tips from our blog.

Make Money With Shoutouts, Sponsors And Product Placement

Seems like this is the most overlooked method to earn cash on the app. Due to the notion that you have to have a large following. However, we know several brands that are looking for micro influencers. Hence, they’re not looking for accounts with a large following. As a result brands prefer higher engagement rates over large, unengaged followings.

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, views are good, but quickly overlooked and forgotten. Therefore, a post with high engagement reflects a more loyal following. Also, a more engaging posts has a better chance of going viral on the platform.

Can You Make Money On TikTok: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing earns you commission by directing people to other people’s products or services. Certainly ensure social media is an acceptable form of referrals before starting. Likewise, you should consider using a redirect URL to ensure your affiliate ID is included. For instance, direct people to After that, when someone visits that URL, it will automatically redirect them to your affiliate product. Moreover, redirects help hide blatantly obvious affiliate URLs. You’re not trying to deceive anyone, but some people are hesitant to click on affiliate links.

Can You Make Money On TikTok: Selling Merch

Designing and selling merchandise is a great way to make money on TikTok. However, it’s not as simple as some internet marketers make it seem. Firstly, creators with larger, more engaged followings are usually more successful. On the contrary, that doesn’t mean you won’t be successful. But, you’ll have to work harder and be more technical with your approach.

Can You Make Money On TikTok: Selling Courses

If you created an online course you can direct people to your landing page. On the other hand, if you’re an affiliate for one you can do that as well. TikTok is growing at a steady rate and the userbase is getting more diversified. Secondly, people are always looking for ways to earn extra income. If your course helps solve that problem for people, it can be very successful. Be sure to create a good landing (squeeze) page. Similarly, be sure to put an email opt-in so you can build your email database. Email marketing is still one of the best forms of marketing. In addition, their email address is now yours so you can keep sending out offers.

Going TikTok Live

After you have 1,000 followers and meet other criteria, you can go live. The standard way to make money is getting donations from attendees. However, while this is a way to earn cash, it’s not how most people do it. Most people will go live and try to direct followers somewhere else.

There are a lot of reasons why people go live. Firstly, some go live just to connect with people and socialize. Meanwhile, several users use TikTok live to try and make money. Some internet marketing creators will try to get people to buy their course. Financial advisors will try to gain clients. In addition, a lot of adult oriented performers will also live. For instance, they will try to get people to their premium SnapChat or webcam page.

Direct Users To Premium

First of all, this method is definitely not for everybody nor for those easily offended. You’ll find mostly females (and sometimes couples) use this strategy. The goal is to get casual viewers to their premium SnapChat. A premium SnapChat is where users post adult-oriented pictures in exchange for cash. Similarly, many will direct users to their Only Fans site, which is also adult oriented.

Build And Sell Accounts

This is more of a blackhat method but it does work. That is to say some people and companies will buy existing accounts. By doing so, it saves them a bunch of time not having to start and build their own. But, this method can be tricky to ensure you get what you deserve. To clarify, your profiles are basically like real estate or a digital asset. You’ll only get what someone is willing to pay for it. This method can be lucrative but it may take patience and sacrifice from you. If you do this, be sure to create accounts in the top niches. For example, health, money, beauty, fitness, food, and relationships.

In conclusion, here are seven ways that answers the question can you make money on TikTok. While some of these may not be for everyone, it’s definitely possible. This app is relatively young but is gaining a lot of attention. As a result, it’s possible for you to get a head start ahead of your competition. Most importantly, follow our TikTok tutorials to maximize your time on the platform.