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Our Design And Sell T Shirts Online Epic Case Study

Last Updated on May 17, 2020 by Ross Yamashita

Are you looking to design and sell t shirts online? This has become a popular way to make money online because of the relative ease of entry and generally low start up costs. Many people don’t realize there are several different factors involved. Therefore, whether you’re creating a long-term brandable company, capitalizing on the latest trends or just starting out, you’ll want to follow our on-going case study. We’ll keep an online “journal” so you can learn all aspects of starting your own clothing line.

A quick clarification. When we use the term “clothing line,” this does NOT refer to designing, cutting and sewing your own fashion pieces. We do actually have our own Kojent brand of t-shirts called the Kojent Tee. In other words, this particular case study will focus on building a long term, brandable graphic tee company.

Topics we will cover include:

  • Concept and pre-planning
  • Building the website and store
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • How to find influencers and brand ambassadors
  • Creating and using sales funnels
  • A/B testing to maximize ROI
  • Retail distribution

Therefore, the good thing is YOU are getting in on the ground level. This case study will feature the clothing and lifestyle apparel company, States Royalty. This is a fairly new business and we’re happy they allowed us to document their new venture. Above all, we will work closely with them and you’ll see first-hand which practices worked and which ones didn’t.

Our Design And Sell T Shirt Online Company Profile

States Royalty is a Lifestyle and Apparel brand company. Starting in Las Vegas, Nevada, they highlight and celebrate the people, businesses and organizations that make Nevada great. However, as their popularity in Nevada grew, they started getting interest from people in other states as well. So they changed their concept to cover and include all 50 states.

What you’ll typically find is many people who sell shirts online are very random. Their designs typically cover a lot of different topics, niches, etc., which makes attracting a loyal audience more difficult. One strategy these creators employ capitalizing on trending topics and events for quick sales. If you can take everything and tie them into a general single concept, you’ll have an easier time finding and keeping loyal audiences. Click here for trending e-commerce articles and related topics.

Why Should You Follow Our Case Study?

Do we have all the answers? Of course not. We do, however, have years of industry knowledge in both the custom apparel, Print On Demand (POD) and retail industry. In addition, we also have a strong internet and social media experience along with traditional marketing and advertising knowledge. All services covered in our study will be done by Kojent Apparel. We’ll cover everything from building the website to implementing marketing campaigns to increase branding and sales.

The most important thing is you’ll be able to pick up and apply new concepts, ideas and strategies.

Get Specific Help With Designing And Selling T-Shirts Online

Are you looking for specific information and want to ask something? We have a general plan of topics to cover but we’ll need everyone in our community to participate. Please submit your questions and by discussing your question, it will most likely help someone else as well.

Simply leave a comment below and that way the conversation will be available for everyone to see and learn from.

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Learning to design and sell t shirts online is not as easy as many internet marketers portray it to be. Oftentimes, they’re trying to sell you their online course. While there’s nothing wrong with that, these internet marketers only see one side of the equation. Our case study will give you insight to the other side most people never see. We are the printers and see what concepts and designs are trending. We will NEVER steal our clients’ concept or designs. However, they tell us tips and tricks they use to be successful. Some have given us permission to relay that information to our audience. Thank you again for following our case study. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information.