So you like the cool full color shirts or hoodies you see people wearing? Digitally printed garments are quickly becoming a popular trend and working with dye sublimation cut and sew companies can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. Well, here’s three things you need to know.

Artwork Is Not Free

It should go without saying that artwork is very critical when it comes to full color digital printing and a great artist will really enhance the overall design and look of the shirt. The more intricate and detailed the design is, the longer it took an artist to develop the graphics for it and thus, the price reflects that.

There’s a reason why no company out there promotes free artwork for dye sublimation because the artwork takes too long to design to give it away for free. So, just be prepared to pay an artwork fee no matter what shop you decide to go with.

Some companies may have “pre-existing” templates that you can “semi-custom” design, which usually involves something like inserting your logo or graphic onto the shirt – or if you’re a sports team, changing out the name and numbers on the back as well for each individual player on the team, coaches, parents, etc.

It’s important to inquire how much the company will charge you in artwork fees to change that data out.

The reason why these garments are expensive is because they paid an artist (whether outsourced or in-house) to design the shirt. So, they basically spent a lot of money on artwork even before they sold a single shirt.

Be Wary: Turn Around Times Can Be Tricky

One thing other companies often avoid discussing with you, unless you specifically ask them, is their turn-around time.

Depending on how that particular company is operating their business will oftentimes determine the turn-around time – whether they’re doing their cut and sew in-house or subcontracting it out to another factory either in the United States or overseas. Typically, if they’re doing it in house, they can get it done fairly quickly. Once you start hearing 3-4 weeks, then they’re either really backlogged on production or they’re printing and sewing overseas. If they’re saying 6+ weeks, then they’re most likely getting it done overseas.

Don’t be fooled! Avoid companies who use phrases like “about two weeks.”

Our standard turn around time is 7-10 business days, whether that’s one shirt for you, 20 shirts for a sports team or hundreds of shirts for an event or clothing line.

Not Every Shop Creates All Styles Of Apparel

Don’t forget, dye sublimation printing is meant to adhere to polyester, spandex or lycra type fabrics, depending on the paper used to print the design. This is standard and not what we’re talking about.

What we’re talking about is companies may be limited to the amount of styles (ie. t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, tightly fitted athletic wear, etc) that they can print. Even youth shirts can pose a problem.

That’s because in order to produce a certain style of garment, you will need the correct pattern in order to produce that particular type of garment – and patterns are not cheap. Patterns are basically templates used to cut the garment to specific specs so that when we sew it together, it comes out as planned. Most companies will buy patterns from somewhere and a very few companies will bring in someone just to design patterns for different styles of garments.

Kojent Apparel currently offers dye sublimation printing for t-shirts and hoodies. Reason being is we are located in Las Vegas and these are the two most popular styles for our region.

If you’re looking for a different type of garment, such as long sleeve, then please contact us and we’ll be happy to refer you to one of our colleagues who will best suit your needs.

Why would we do that?

Our goal is to be a resource to all our clients – even if we don’t end up not doing business together. We want to help you out as best we can because we know you’ll appreciate our service and contact us for future orders or refer someone to us.

Digital printing is something that is quickly growing in popularity and will continue to grow as time goes on. Because it’s still a growing field, it’s important to know the ins and outs of working with a dye sublimation cut and sew company like Kojent Apparel. We’re here to answer your questions and give you a FREE quote for your order.