Best Evergreen Niches To Make Money

Are You Choosing The Best Evergreen Niches To Make Money

Last Updated on September 4, 2021 by Ross Yamashita

If you’re looking to start a business to make money online, there’s a simple question you need to answer. Are you choosing the best evergreen niches for your business to make money? If you’re just starting out, this is the best time to analyze where you are. Simply stop what you’re doing, take a step back, and think about the genre your business is in.

Take it from us, we’ve both seen it and experienced it. And it really sucks going from a steady income to no income. Granted, there are a lot of reasons why websites and businesses fail. But don’t overlook this important step when developing your business or website.

What Is An Evergreen Niche

An evergreen niche is a topic or industry that never expires and has never-ending appeal. It is established and appealing year-round, thus making it safe from seasonal downturn trends or new topics. Also, because it has everlasting relevance, there is a greater chance for long-term profit potential.

Sometimes, it’s easier when you know what an evergreen niche is NOT. Here are some examples of non-evergreen niches:

• Summer trends
• Holiday décor

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of what an evergreen niche is. We’ll also explain why it’s important you take the time to choose one wisely if you’re looking to make money online.

Why It’s Important You Choose Profitable Evergreen Niches

It’s important to choose evergreen niches as early as possible. Investing time and money to do all the research, create numerous content, and build the website takes time. Additionally, you still need to think about promoting your website and offers. With all the time and money invested, you should think long-term and protect yourself from fluctuations and downtrends.

By definition, evergreen niches have long lasting appeal and are not seasonal. This means you have the chance to make money from your website the entire year. Therefore, you’re not depending on a “holiday rush” or  events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

You don’t know how many clients come to us complaining about the revenue roller coaster ride of seasonal niches. Worst yet, niches that are trending then completely die. Money and profits are great when their topic is trending. However, once it’s over, the money completely dries up, oftentimes to zero income.

Keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with creating, and capitalizing, on trending non-evergreen niches. We know many smart internet marketers who’ve done it and did really well for themselves. But, they knew when their time was up, the quick money was over. At that point, they simply moved on to their next website.

Being able to capitalize on a short-term, trending niche is a great asset. This comes from having a system of being able to quickly research, create and build everything necessary to start generating revenue. Let’s face it, building sites for quick profit can be fun and definitely increase your bottom line. But, the long-term play is finding a profitable evergreen niche. Thus, giving you a greater chance of consistent, long-term income.

How Will Your Online Business Make Money

Unless you’re starting a hobby blog, the goal of your website will most likely be to make money online. If you’re new to building websites, you’ve probably heard several different ways to make money from your website. These can include affiliate marketing, display ads, sponsorship, online courses, etc. Regardless of which monetization method you choose, focus on building a product or service that will solve people’s problems.

But how will you monetize your website? What type of site will you build? Will you sell products, refer products to Amazon (affiliate marketing), create an online course, or use display ads to earn revenue?

There are indeed several different ways to make money online. However, two of the most popular methods are product/affiliate marketing and informational sites served with display ads.

Determining your monetization method early will help put you on the fast track to success. It will save you time, money, headaches and, most importantly, keep your motivation high. By doing this, you decrease your chance of getting frustrated form lack of results and quitting.

If you want to earn money through display ads like Google Adsense, you write informational articles. You may spend hours creating content on your blog. To add to that, you may take it a step further, you may spread content across multiple platforms. For example, you could also record and edit video to put on YouTube or start a podcast. You can create infographics or take photos to upload to social media. Depending if you write the articles yourself or pay a writer to do it for you, you will spend time and/or money creating the content.

Let’s say you create dozens of articles to post on your blog. You thought you wanted to monetize through display ads. But then, after creating several articles, you decide to switch to affiliate marketing as your choice of monetization. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you just created a lot of extra work for yourself. You now have to go back through your articles to see if there are any affiliate offers you can promote. If you’re lucky, there will be applicable affiliate products you can throw into your blog. Keep in mind, not all affiliate products and platforms are the same. The only offers you can put onto your site may be low commission products. Not to mention, you’re spending a lot of time going through old content. On top of that, you have to now create new snippets of content to highlight affiliate products. Doing all this will take up a lot of your time.

So, decide how you want to monetize your blog and start creating the types of content that will give you the best chance of making a profit.

Can You Pass The Authority Site Trustworthy Test

We’re not going to dive into details of a niche site vs authority site in this article. But, as previously mentioned, it’s important you establish trust with your audience. Striving to achieve this one concept will help you no matter what business you’re in.

We’re really big fans of the authority website model. Generally, authority websites have the trust of users, industry experts, news/media organizations and search engines. These sites typically have a lot of good content (products or information) and are highly trusted.

A good example of an authority website based on selling products is Amazon. Amazon has worked hard to create a good, reliable and safe way for online shoppers to buy products. Amazon also has an affiliate program called Amazon Associates, or the Amazon Affiliate program.

Thousands of people utilize Amazon’s affiliate program to earn money. Even when Amazon has cut commissions throughout the years, people stay loyal to Amazon Associates. This is because of the trust factor Amazon has.

As an example, Walmart is now trying to compete with Amazon in the affiliate marketing space. They have created and started their own affiliate marketing program. However, we’ve talked to several industry professionals who have split tested Amazon vs Walmart. Even though Walmart may offer more commission, they found buyers will typically go with Amazon. So, even though they’re getting less commission with Amazon, they convert and sell more products.

The 5 Best Evergreen Niches

There are several niches that provide money making opportunities, but here are the best evergreen niches:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Self Help And Improvement
  4. Dating And Relationships
  5. Food And Lifestyle

These are all well-known niches in the online marketing space. The reason these topics are always talked about in online marketing communities is because they are evergreen niches. People are, and will continue to be, actively looking for information, products and services. Not only are people seeking for information and products, but they’re also willing to purchase these products. The buyer believes these products and services will solve the problem they’re facing.

Keep in mind, the topics listed above and are very broad categories in the overall scheme of things. It will be very difficult for you, as a newbie coming in, to create an online portfolio that will break into any of these broad topics. It’s not impossible, but highly improbable. Unless, of course, you’re willing to make a very large investment into your digital asset portfolio.

So, the best thing to do is pick a sub-category (sub niche) of these broad categories. For example, financial literacy falls under the Wealth category. This is a very good niche with lots of topics to write about. Niching down also gets you away from the really competitive keywords big corporations go after.

Your ultimate goal should be to provide value to your audience. Become the trusted resource they can turn to for advice, research, and ideas. Then, outline your monetization strategy early. Defining this may help create, or disqualify, niches you’re thinking about. Let’s say you have a blog about 20 year old teddy bears you have sitting in your basement or garage. While teddy bears may be interesting to you, how will you make money from it?

Building A Business With Profitable Evergreen Niches

Ask yourself this question. Should I choose a niche I’m passionate or knowledgeable about or should I choose the niche that will make the most money?

This is a great question and a topic that should be figured out before moving on. I’m not saying you need to have all the answers and everything laid out to a tee before getting started. Sometimes, people become crippled with perfection they don’t even start. I’m a big believer in just starting and taking action. You’ll try things and make lots of mistakes. But, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.

Always keep in mind you’ll save time, money and resources by doing a little planning. Having a plan, and taking action, is the best method to get started.

There are simply too many scenarios and unique situations to have one answer that will apply to everyone. However, here are some general guidelines to consider.

If your online business strategy is to create a lot of cross-platform content, stick to a topic your knowledgeable about. This includes creating content for blog posts, YouTube videos, Instagram photos, TikTok and Pinterest. Nothing will kill your momentum like creating a bunch of content and get nothing from it.

I’ll let you on a little secret and truth many online marketers trying to sell you a course will not tell you. You spending a tremendous amount of time and energy to see zero results will most likely happen. It can become very frustrating. But, keep in mind, this is where the majority of people give up and quit. If this is something you really want, then you have to keep going. I know it gets tough. You’re doing this to help you, your family or your loved ones. It’s vital you don’t give up even when you think you’re not making progress.

Secondly, the easiest way to create more content is to get into a niche you’re familiar with. It’s tough creating content on a long-term basis for an extended period of time. Doing endless research and writing about topics you don’t find interesting will get old quick.

Outsourcing Content To Grow Your Evergreen Niche Website

However, if you plan on outsourcing content, then it makes sense to get into an unfamiliar niche. Even if you don’t know or like anything about the topic, your writers will do that for you. At this point, you just need to make sure it’s a profitable niche that can grow. Outsourcing is also good because it frees your time to focus on other aspects of  your business. This can turn out to be very valuable and should help increase profits even more. Obviously, the drawback with outsource marketing is you’ll be paying money out before you make your first dollar.

But, if this is a long-term strategy and investment for you, then you’ll understand this is an investment. You’re treating this like a business you want to build and grow. Maybe you’ll sell your website in the future for a large payday. Treat this like a business and not a hobby. Remember, you’re here to earn income from your websites. If you do it right, it could even be monthly passive income.

In conclusion, it’s important you understand the concept of evergreen niches. To get to profitability faster, look at the bigger picture and plan. Be sure you do research and find a niche that interests you and has great money making potential. If you do this, and work hard, you’ll be on your way to a successful, long-term business.