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How To Get TikTok Famous In 7 Easy To Follow Steps

Last Updated on June 17, 2021 by Ross Yamashita

Ever wonder how to get TikTok famous? If you’ve spent any time on the app, you know it can be unexpectedly addicting. First of all, TikTok is a short form video sharing app. Moreover, it has (and continues to) gain popularity each month. Many people think the app is only for young teenagers. However, the average age of the user has greatly increased. Furthermore, it’s still relatively young which presents great opportunity. As a result, TikTok is a great platform to get in on now. Be sure to follow the Kojent Apparel blog for TikTok hacks.

Like any new social media platform, people are always looking to gain a following. The term used on this app is TikTok famous. We’ll cover things you can to help grow your account and get more followers.

How To Get TikTok Famous: Be Yourself

Above all, just be yourself. The community on TikTok is mostly supportive and they like authenticity. That is to say don’t become something you’re not. Your audience will see through that and disengage with you quickly. This platform rewards creators who are fun, authentic and have a story to tell. Similarly, create content viewers want to consume. Content that entertains, educates or makes people laugh will have a better chance of doing well. Bottom line, be yourself, have fun and don’t get discouraged too quickly.

Choose A Niche

In addition to being yourself, you’ll need to choose a niche. TikTok will attempt to place your profile in a specific niche. Therefore, it’s important you pick the right niche. Not sure what your niche is? Start by going to the ForYou page and start watching. As a result, you should see videos in many different areas. Many will be dancing videos but you’ll soon come across other topics. For example, we’re in a business niche catered to potential clients. However, we also publish posts about making money online. That is to say our profile is geared towards educating viewers.

How To Get TikTok Famous: Follow Trends

Most importantly, this is probably the best one on how to get TikTok famous. There are three “trends” you need to pay attention to.

Firstly, pay attention to video trends. You’ll soon see a lot of people doing the same dance or video topic. If possible, try to create a video utilizing the same general concept. But, see if you can put your own “spin” on the video to make it unique. Ideas will come to you after seeing different variations of the same type of video trend.

Secondly, use trending music. Popular songs increase your chance of getting more exposure. While you’re scrolling through your ForYou page, see what sounds come up often. Further, see what video variations are used for the trending song. After that, come up with your own unique content using the song.

Lastly, trending hashtags need to be watched and utilized. We’ll discuss hashtags later but pay close attention to trending hashtags. Click on the trending hashtag and see what type of content is being used. Again, when possible, use other creator’s videos as inspiration to create content that expresses your own style.

Leverage Hashtags

Hashtags on this platform serve different purposes than other platforms. Hashtags on TikTok are used mostly for categorization. To clarify, TikTok will try to categorize your video based on the hashtags used. On the other hand, Instagram uses hashtags for direct traffic. In other words, on Instagram you’re hoping someone searches that specific hashtag.

There is debate on whether to use the ForYou hashtags. For example, #foryoupage #foryou #fyp. For the most part, we do not use these hashtags, except on certain videos. That is to say some of our videos have gone very viral without using them. Moreover, we’ve seen using these hashtags may “confuse” the algorithm. In short, try not to use these hashtags if possible. However, be sure to perform your own testing and analytics.

How To Get TikTok Famous: Post Quality Content Often

Most importantly, a consistent schedule of 2-3 posts per day is ideal. But, you’ll want to put out quality content, not just post anything.

What is the best way to tackle this? Certainly, having and learning to use an editorial calendar is important. That is to say an editorial calendar is a publishing schedule that lists out your posts. We have a master editorial calendar to cover all our content. For instance, we create a blog post based on our specific topic. After that, we record our YouTube video on the same topic. After that, we take snippets of this content to post on other social media profiles.

Wondering what time is best to post content? Above all, conduct research for your specific situation. However, here is a generic time frame schedule for you to reference.

Sunday: 12 pm – 2 pm
Monday: 10 am – 12 pm
Tuesday: 9 am – 11 am
Wednesday: 7 pm – 9 pm
Thursday: 5 pm – 7 pm
Friday: 2 pm – 4 pm
Saturday: 6 pm – 8 pm

To clarify, this is based on your time zone and should be tested. In general, try posting at times when your target audience is active on the app.

Analyze Data

You should switch your account to a Pro account as soon as possible. Switching your account is free but a phone number is required. Most importantly, a pro account gives you access to analytics. That is to say you will get valuable insights for you to leverage. You’ll learn what times your audience is most active, what kind of content they like, etc.

Be Patient And Stay Engaged

We know it’s easy to start off with great enthusiasm on your journey. However, the sooner you realize this is a long-term journey, the better chance you’ll have at being successful. Don’t get inpatient and quit when you don’t get traction right away. That is to say, stay consistent and don’t worry about how many followers or views your videos are getting. But, when comments and mentions start coming in, you have to stay engaged.

Reply to every single comment that gets posted. Be funny, concise and let the user know that they are important to you. Responding to positive comments should be pretty straightforward. However, turn negative comments around by explaining your position or putting a laughing emoji. There will always be trolls and haters but other people are watching how you respond to them as well.

We hope this article will help answer how to get TikTok famous. In short, this social media platform can be a goldmine for you. It’s a relatively new app and virtually untapped in many industries. As a result, you can get a jumpstart on your competition. Above all, don’t get caught up in research and just start posting. Certainly, you’ll learn things along the way that works best for your account. Forewarn yourself this is not an overnight journey. So be patient, post quality content consistently and stay engaged with your audience.