Las Vegas is constantly growing and with the addition of professional sports teams, a bustling convention business and it’s normal entertainment value, there is a growing need for for custom apparel and promotional products. And if you’re coming here on for convention or trade show business, hosting an event or just doing business in the area, here are five reasons you should use a screen printing Las Vegas company to handle all your custom apparel needs.

There’s No Better Option When It Comes To Conventions Or Events

Las Vegas is one of the premiere destinations for conventions, events and business. With lots of convention space and hotel rooms centered within world -class restaurants, gaming and entertainment, it’s easy to see why lots of convention and event organizers choose Las Vegas as their place to hold their event.

Kojent Apparel works with several different convention and event organizers who have their events here. Many organizers know the convenience of having a local company handle their order and we have worked hard to grow our reputation in the convention and event genre.

Do you need to see a sample of our work? Simply contact us and let us know what type of apparel you’re looking for and we’ll send you some samples of something we’ve done in the past for clients.

• Save Time And Money
• No Freight Charges
• No Storage Charges
• Free Delivery

This is probably the biggest savings when it comes to having your apparel printed in Las Vegas as opposed to having it shipped from wherever you are.

While freight charges are the first savings organizers think of, you are actually saving more time (and money) by not having to deal with logistics of having the shirts delivered to you then packed, put on the truck and organizing where you’re going to store your inventory and how you’re going to get it to where it needs to be at the time it needs to be there.


We offer FREE DELIVERY of your custom printed apparel to Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Boulder City destinations.

You’ll have more flexibility in terms of what time you’d like to have us deliver your items. Everything will be ready to go from our Las Vegas warehouse and you’ll be able to have your items delivered at your convenience. With us, we’ll run on your schedule and not the other way around.

Rush Orders

This is probably one of the biggest pros for ordering through us.

Many times, there are last minute orders that need to be printed and if you’re using a company outside the area, oftentimes it’s too late by the time you try and get more printed. We’ve actually done several jobs for events where they needed more shirts printed at the last minute.

We’ll have all the files in-house so if you need to print extra, we’ll be able to take care of that. Because we expect last minute orders, we actually hold everything necessary to print extra items until after your event has passed – that way, a simple call will allow you to get more shirts in a short period of time.

We Ship Nationwide

While we are based in Southern Nevada, we work with businesses, corporations and non-profits from around the country. Because of our location, experience and knowledge of the industry, we’re able to streamline costs and we pass that savings on to you.

We take pride in our work and we don’t hide from any issues that arise. We’ve built our reputation on doing things right the first time and, in the event something needs to be addressed, we simply take care of it rather than arguing with you about it.

Kojent Apparel is the trusted screen printing Las Vegas shop for corporations, businesses and organizations. Contact us at (702) 664-1515 or email us at for a quote.