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3 Screen Printing Las Vegas Hacks To Save You Money

Last Updated on September 29, 2021 by Ross Yamashita

Here are 3 screen printing Las Vegas hacks to help save you money. First of all, the adage “you get what you pay for” is true. This is NOT telling you how to get the cheapest price. Everyone is looking for a great product, excellent customer service and on-time delivery. However, they also want great communication and competitive pricing. So, we’ll give you tips on what to look for to potentially help save costs where you can.

First Look: Artwork

A lot of costs when dealing with custom t-shirt printing is in the artwork. Some companies claim to offer “free artwork” but that’s not always true. Certainly, some companies may truly offer free artwork but that’s not typical. Most likely, they are padding the costs somewhere else. It could be added in set up or other various fees. We’re not saying other companies are lying. This is just something to clearly clarify to get the best costs.

Find The True Screen Printing Costs

Also, look at this when figuring out costs at a screen printing Las Vegas company. Certainly it goes without saying the more you print, the cheaper it will be. Costs printing 12 shirts will differ greatly than printing 1,000 shirts. See what price breaks they offer at different quantities. If you’re close to a lower price level by a couple pieces, it may be worth it.

Another thing to look at are the fees. Screen fees and set up fees are common. Typically for larger orders, they’ll waive these fees. Also, companies will charge more for printing on polyester. This is because they have to use different ink, which is more expensive. In addition, they’ll need to slow the belt down so that decreases production.

Lastly, does your job require special attention? Is it an oversized print or printing in an awkward location? Do you require specialty inks like glitter or jewel tone? Be sure to discuss this with your printer beforehand. If you can reduce your costs by not using specialty inks, then consider that.

Printing In Las Vegas

Is the cost beneficial to you to have it printed in Southern Nevada? For local Las Vegas businesses using the searching near me feature, it’s a no brainer. However, a lot of our clients are from other areas.

Where will your order end up? We actually print for a lot of Las Vegas conventions and events going on. Due to being delivered locally, it’s a lot better for our clients. Their items are printed here and we take care of personal delivery. This personal delivery is much more flexible than UPS or FedEx. But, if you need to ship your items, it’s no issue for us. We do ship to East Coast but have a lot of clients in the Western United States. Furthermore, because of our volume, we get heavily discounted shipping rates.

Finally, it may require some compromise to lower your costs. As a result, our screen printing Las Vegas company is here to help. Please contact us with any questions and we’ll be happy to help. Most noteworthy, we actually have turned business away. Our goal is to always have our clients feel comfortable and confident working with us. If that isn’t our business, we’ll try and connect you with someone that’s a better fit. Likewise, we’ve helped several people who are not our clients. Because we know when they’re ready to switch things up, we’re their first call.