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Is Selling T Shirts Online Profitable – 4 Factors For Success

Last Updated on May 17, 2020 by Ross Yamashita

We get asked is selling t shirts online profitable all the time. You’ve probably seen famous creators on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok promote their merch. But can that work for you? You’re in the right place as we’ll answer that very question below. What makes us different is we are the actual custom t-shirt printing company. We print for brick and mortar, online retailers and creators all the time. While we’ll never give their secrets away, we have asked them for input. Not all our clients were so forthcoming, understandably, but some were and they let us in on some secrets. Therefore, whether you’re looking to make the switch to a digital lifestyle or simply looking for a side hustle, read on.

Selling Merch Online Is Profitable

E-commerce is nothing new and there’s been a quick emergence of Print On Demand (POD) companies. These companies have taken the internet marketing world by storm recently. The real attraction to this revenue stream is you don’t have to hold any inventory. Furthermore, you don’t do any fulfillment or customer service – the POD company handles that. One big benefit is you don’t have to purchase any expensive equipment or print the shirts. It as only a matter of time until people started capitalizing on new trends. Artists, internet marketers and creators all hopped on the bandwagon. POD grew as a result of crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe because it can help raise money.

But, is it still worth it today? Has the gold rush passed you by? Let’s start this by saying you have NOT missed the trend.

People will say we’re writing that because we’re the screen printers. However, we see the amount of merch going in and out our doors. We know merch is not dead. Many people will say you missed the trend but there’s a couple things to consider. First, the internet itself is very young. Print On Demand is very young so you haven’t missed the boat. Secondly, people will tell you this because they don’t want to invite more competition. For them, if they’re making money they’re not going to want to have more competition.

So, the simple answer is: Yes. You can still make revenue doing this method.

This is also a great revenue stream to add in addition to your affiliate marketing, dropshipping, etc.

First, The Big Boys Are Selling T Shirts

The first hint this trend hasn’t gone away is by looking at what the other big companies are doing. Companies like Amazon and YouTube have included selling and profiting from merchandise a way to attract (and keep) people on their platform.

Amazon Merch lets creators design shirts and sell them on Amazon’s platform. There is a waiting period to be approved which shows its money-making potential. But, this shows you Amazon is investing in this type of platform to offer to their sellers. It’s a perfect compliment to programs like FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), etc.

YouTube offers creators a way to increase their revenue by partnering with with companies to sell merchandise. This is not limited to tees either. Many of these companies offer printing on hoodies, hats, mugs, and more.

Crowdfunding 2.0

We may be biased here, but we’ve always been a proponent of selling merchandise as a way to crowdsource. If people are giving money for a cause, it helps increase value and loyalty when getting something in return. This is why you oftentimes see companies give out free shirts. It has a high perceived value and will also help spread awareness when people wear them out.

We understand the concept of crowdfunding is based on people generously donating without any expectations of getting anything in return. The old adage, “it’s better to give than receive” put into a real-life scenario.

Sites like Teespring and CustomInk have launched campaigns that help individuals and organizations sell shirts to raise money. This form of “crowdfunding” has only gotten more popular as time grows. Further, it’s slated to remain a popular way for people to raise money and awareness.

Merch Is A Big Contributing Factor For Many Influencers

If you ever watch YouTube, you probably have come across popular creators such as Dude Perfect, Team Edge, Mr. Beast and more. Mr. Beast built his name (and brand) by taking the money he earns from YouTube and spreading the wealth to people. His videos have everything from challenges with his team to buying random people their groceries. The cash prizes range from $5,000 to $250,000 and up. By doing this, he has amassed millions of views and is followed by more than 1 million people.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Mr. Beast or The Ireland Boys, they all have one thing in common. They all heavily promote their merch in all their videos, social media posts and anywhere else they can. You may be saying to yourself you don’t have that type of following on social media. But, the bottom line is selling merch is still an active revenue stream.

There are several ways to make money online. To answer the question, “Is selling t shirts online profitable” just take a look around. See what other people are doing and what methods they use to make money online.

“Model the masters” is a phrase we preach. It means you see what other people, companies, etc are doing and follow that. Try to find a way for you to carve your own pathway to finding success.