By definition, embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials utilizing a needle to apply thread or yarn. While most people have a general idea of what it is, they may not know exactly what to look for when preparing and buying items they wish to be embroidered. Don’t worry, our embroidery Las Vegas company will reveal the most important aspects to get the job done right.

Pre-Production Is Paramount When It Comes To Embroidery

The secret to a good embroidery job is in the concept designing phase and pre-production.

Like screen printing t-shirts, many steps in the process can be considered pretty standard. Sure, there are slight differences that can be applied, such as different inks, set up processes (direct to screen vs. burning a screen with film), but the actual process of printing is fairly typical once everything is set up.

The same can be applied when it comes to stitching onto garments.

Digitizing Matters

Digitizing is the process of taking your artwork (business logo, design, text, etc) and converting it to a file that an embroidery machine can use to stitch onto a garment. This process takes some “finesse” and experience goes a long way. While some might consider digitizing to be standard, the one thing you MUST take into consideration is the type of material you are embroidering on.

For example, customizing hats is a little different than customizing polo shirts, therefore, the digitized file should be different. Many companies will only digitize for placement on shirts (or thinner materials). This is fine if you’re just stitching on corporate apparel such as polo shirts or button down work shirts for salespeople, but if that same order has some hats or thick jackets, then the stitching on the thicker products may not be as “full”.

This is why understanding your goals and taking a step back to look at the bigger picture is important. Many companies are quick to rush into things head first and not pay attention to details. This is where you may get a finished product that is satisfactory, but may not pop as much if you had taken the few extra steps to set up the job correctly. Once you have the file digitized accordingly to what you’re customizing, you’re one step closer to coming out with a great product.

How Much Does It Cost?

For the most part, price depends on: 1) the amount of stitches used to complete your item and 2) the total quantity you’re doing of the same design.

There is a one-time charge for digitizing your artwork. However, we keep your designs in our database so if you order the same design in the future, you won’t have to pay for it again.

The one good thing is you don’t have to be so wary of the amount of colors in your design as you would in screen printing. You can have multiple colors in your design for no extra charge.

Some popular embroidery items are:

• Corporate Apparel
• Work Shirts
• Uniforms
• Polo Shirts
• Hats

We’re not here to say that we have some advanced technology that other embroidery Las Vegas shops don’t. As stated, a lot of the processes are similar and fairly standard. What we are saying though is you need to hire a company that will take that extra time to understand what your overall goal is, help search for products (from different styles to manufacturers) that will best achieve your goal, understand everything that’s going on and take that extra time and not rush things just to get money from you. Contact us at (702) 664-1515 or send us an email at to speak to one of our account executives today!