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6 Embroidery Las Vegas Secrets That Will Save You Money

Last Updated on September 29, 2021 by Ross Yamashita

It’s not hard to find the cheapest embroidery Las Vegas deals when you know what to look for. To clarify, we’re not saying get the cheapest person you can find. On the contrary, you can easily find ways to cut costs if you know what to look for.

Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials utilizing a needle to apply thread or yarn. While most people have a general idea, they may not know the best ways to cut costs. There are numerous things that can add or reduce costs. For example, everything from design to garment selection can affect price.

For this reason we’ve outlined the 6 factors that will help save you money.

Pre-Production Is Paramount For Embroidery Las Vegas Deals

Firstly, the secret to a cost-effective embroidery job starts with design and pre-production.

Like screen printing t-shirts, many steps in the embroidery process are standard.

  • Is your design in vector format?
  • Will your design fit within the space on the garment?
  • Do you require exact stitch colors?

Not having everything set up may significantly increase costs. Not to mention it will add more time before your order is completed. For many, this delay will translate to lost revenue.

Digitizing Matters When Doing Embroidery Las Vegas Jobs

Digitizing is the process of converting your artwork so an embroidery machine can read it. Whether you’re doing your logo or text and design, everything must be digitized. This process unquestionably takes some “finesse” and experience goes a long way.

Despite what other shops may tell you, digitizing is not always standard. This is especially true when there are different items in the same order. You MUST take into consideration is the type of material you are embroidering on.

For example, embroidering on hats is a little different than embroidering polo shirts. Therefore, the digitized files may need to be different. As an illustration, let’s say you’re embroidering corporate apparel like polo shirts or uniforms. We’ll digitize appropriately so it will look good on a shirt. However, let’s say you also want to embroidery on thick jackets. In this situation, the embroidery may not be as “full” because it’s a thicker material.

Nevertheless, many companies will only digitize the file once. They’re basically cutting corners by being lazy or they don’t know any better. Digitizing for each garment type isn’t always necessary but something you need to be aware of.

That is why it’s important you communicate your goals with your decorator. Many companies are quick to rush into things and not pay attention to details. Perhaps they’re overly busy or just rushing through things too quickly. Whichever the case, you may get a finished product you’re not happy with. This is particularly where jobs can become very costly.

In any case it’s vital you communicate with your decorator and find out specific details.

Items You Embroidery Make A Difference

Some popular embroidery items are:

  • Corporate Apparel
  • Work Shirts
  • Uniforms
  • Polo Shirts
  • Hats

Without a doubt, this can make a world of difference when it comes to costs. If your embroidery Las Vegas company doesn’t have great product knowledge, you may pay more.

We know it’s important we listen to your goals are and find the right product that works within your budget. Undoubtedly, we have extensive product knowledge of thousands of different products. We are always up to date on new styles and trends. In addition, we have great purchasing power from manufacturers and distributors.

In short, when you put all these factors together, it allows us to find the best product for you. Our ultimate goal is to find the best product at the best price which will save you money.

3 Factors For Embroidery Las Vegas Costs

For the most part, price depends on:

  1. the amount of stitches used to complete your design
  2. the total quantity you are ordering of the same design
  3. if you embroider on special locations

The Amount Of Stitches

Somewhat like DTG printing embroidery costs are based on the amount of stitches you use. There are a couple different factors to consider:

  • How big your design is
  • Is it “filled in” or just an outline

Obviously, the bigger your design, the more stitches it will take to complete. However, many people overlook the way their design is laid out. Is your design filled in or is it outlined? Whenever possible, consider outlining your design, which will significantly reduce your stitch count.

The Quantity You’re Ordering

For the most part, larger quantities will reduce costs. That is because it takes time to set up the machines to do your job. The time it takes to set up the machine slows production significantly. Therefore, it’s quicker and easier to run larger quantities rather than stopping and setting the machine each time with smaller orders.

With that said, we still embroider smaller orders. However, always ask what the next quantity price break is. For example, we offer a quantity price break at 24 pieces. If you order 22 or 23 pieces, find out if printing those extra 1-2 pieces will save you money.

Your Embroidery Location

Embroidering on standard garments is generally straightforward. However, if you want to embroider on a different garment or unique location, your costs may go up.

An example would be thick bags or backpacks. One of our clients wanted us to embroider their logo onto a thick bag. While it technically could be done, the location was very difficult for us to get to. The extra time required on our part made it more costly for the client.

Basically, avoid weird or difficult locations whenever possible.

Embroidery Cost Questions Answered

To begin with, there is a one-time charge for digitizing your artwork. However, once digitized, your designs are kept in our database. By doing this, you avoid digitizing costs in the future when printing the same design.
Unlike screen printing, is you typically don’t have to worry about the amount of colors in your design. To put it another way, when your design has a lot of colors, that usually will not increase costs. However, if you have an overabundance of colors, that may increase costs. Talk with your decorator before-hand to see if there are any additional charges.

Finding the cheapest embroidery Las Vegas company is not hard to find. Overall, you just need to know what will lower your costs. Hire a company that will take that extra time to understand your overall goal. Further, they’ll help search for products (from different styles to manufacturers) that will best achieve your goal. Be wary of companies that rush you and are just trying to get your money.

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